Special Umrah Package 1

Special Umrah Package 1

Burj Sharia Makkah

We Bring You Special Umrah Package With Lowest Possible Rates Around The Town, In This Umrah Package We Bring You Burj Sharia In Makkah Al Mukaramah At The Distance Of 1,600 Meters From Haram Maki Al Shareef.

The Hotel Is An Economy Hotel Offering Best Possible Services And Well Furbished Rooms With 24 Hour VIP Shuttle Service Which Will Take You To Haram From Hotel And Vice Versa.

Wadyar Al Madinah 3 Madinah

In Madinah Al Munawarah We Have Booked  Wadyar Al Madinah 3 For You Another Well Known And Well Furbished Hotel Located At The Distance Of 1,000 Meters From Masjid Al Nabawi Al Shareef.

This Hotel Also Offers 24 Hours VIP Shuttle Service From Hotel To Masjid Al Nabawi Al Shareef And Vice Versa. This Hotel Is Also An Economical Hotel Which Offers Best Furbished Hotels And Well Trained Staff.

This Umrah Package Is Guaranteed To Be The Cheapest Around Town.

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