Hajj Packages



Hajj Packages Will Be Announced Soon

Hajj is a Pillar of Islam. The fifth Pillar of Islam, It is Farz (DUTY) on all Men and Women who can afford it.

 Allah Talla Says in his Holly Book Quran



And Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) to the House (Kabah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence); and whoever disbelieves (i.e. denies Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah), then he is a disbeliever of Allah), then Allah stands not in need of any of the Alameen (mankind and Jinns). (Quran: 3/97)

As Also Our Beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace Be upon Him said in a lot of occasions:

As it is narrated in Bukhari:

Narrated Ibn Umar: Allah’s Apostle said: “Islam is based on (the following) five (principles): 1. To testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle. 2. To offer the (compulsory congregational) prayers dutifully and perfectly. 3. To pay Zakat (i.e. obligatory charity). 4. To perform Hajj. (I.e. Pilgrimage to Mecca) 5. To observe fast during the month of Ramadan.” (Bukhari: Book 2, Hadith 7)

As I mentioned above which is according to this Hadith. Whoever believes in these Five Pillars is a Muslim and whoever disbelieves in either one of these Five Pillars is a non-believer. The Fourth Pillar in this Hadith is only Due on those who can perform it and by that it means that he/she can afford the travel costs and can also afford to stay in Makkah & Madinah. And he/she is in fully healthy condition (Can perform Sai, Stay in Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah) and that his/her Family Back Home can survive without Him/Her.

Also in Bukhari and Tirmidhee:

“There are no days during which good deeds are more beloved by Allah than these (ten) days.” (Bukhari, Tirmidhee and others)

A Hajj (Pilgrim) Accepted by Allah has no better reward other than Jannah (Heaven) as narrated in Sahih Muslim:

Amr Ibn Al-Aas narrates, “When Islam entered my heart, I went to the Messenger of Allah and said: ‘Give me your hand so that I may pledge allegiance to you.’ The Prophet spread his hand, but I withdrew mine. He said, ‘What is wrong Amr?’ I said, ‘I want to make a condition.’ ‘And what is that?’ he said. I said, ‘That Allah will forgive me.’ Then the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Did you not know that Islam wipes out what came before it, and that Hijrah wipes out what came before it and that Hajj wipes out what came before it!’” (Muslim: 121)

But To Perform a Hajj According to Sharia Is That The Pilgrim Doesn’t Lie During The Hajj and Doesn’t Commit Any Rafath (obscenity) or Fusooq (transgression). And doesn’t commit any Fewahish, As Narrated Below:

Again Narrated In Bukhari:

Abu Hurairah narrates: “I heard the Prophet Say, ‘Whoever performs Hajj and does not commit any Rafath (obscenity) or Fusooq (transgression), he returns (free from sin) as the day his mother bore him’”. (Bukhari)

Hajj is the greatest of Jihad. But the term is that the Hajj Should be a “HAJJ MABROOR” and to gain a Hajj Mabroor one shall perform hajj according to Shariah. As Narrated in Bukhari & Muslim:

Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) asked the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), “We find that Jihad is the best deed, shouldn’t we (women) do jihad?” The Prophet replied, ‘Rather the best Jihad is a Hajj Mabroor!’ Aisha later said, ‘I’ll never cease performing Hajj after I heard that from Rasul Allah’”. (Bukhari and Muslim)


I ask Allah that he grants us a chance in our life to perform Hajj According to his will and the Sunnah of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad.